Training by Ian Rowland

Cold reading

Would you like to improve your cold reading skills? Would you like to receive personal tuition and training from Ian Rowland? Well, you can. Ian Rowland offers training packages by phone - and of course if you use Skype then the calls are free, anywhere in the world! If you're interested, contact Ian to discuss where you are with cold reading, and where you would like to get to. The fee will vary according to your requirements and the value you want to derive from this unique training opportunity. Just to give you a rough idea, a package of five one-hour phone calls, spread over several weeks and scheduled as you wish, will cost in the region of 600 GBP.

ACR (Applied Cold Reading)

Ian Rowland offers training in what he calls Applied Cold Reading or ACR for short. ACR is about how to use cold reading techniques outside the psychic industry, for example in management, selling, teaching, therapeutic industries and training. People who have already been on the course include sales people, doctors, managers, entrepreneurs, teachers, therapists, entertainers, political speech-writers, artists, designers, traders, a professional poker player and even a martial arts trainer!

There are three ways to study ACR with Ian Rowland.

(1) You can attend a public class. Please see the separate ACR website for full details of currently available classes.

(2) You can study with Ian Rowland by phone - anywhere in the world! After discussing your requirements, Ian will put together a tailored package of training and tuition just for you, delivered via phone (and if you use Skype, the phone calls are free!). The standard package consists of five one-hour phone calls for 600 GBP. However, fees do vary according to individual requirements. Some students want a much more in-depth course of study, and so of course they ask for a more substantial training package.

(3) You can study with Ian Rowland in person. If you can both be in the same place at the same time, Ian Rowland offers personal ACR training sessions for 900 GBP per person per six-hour working day.

For more information, please contact us.

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