What people say about this amazing book

The Full Facts Book of Cold Reading has been praised by readers from all walks of life, and from many different countries. It has also been reviewed very favourably in the press. Follow the links to see a wide selection of these comments and reviews!

What people say

"The most comprehensive book ever written on the subject"
Marc Salem
"I don't usually write emails at random to authors, but this one is to thank you for writing your book"
Julie Cohen
"I thought you might appreciate knowing you are impressing a number of psychology students in Arizona. It’s an excellent book"
Dave McElfresh
"I think every woman should read this book"
Anne Bennett

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What reviews say

"No other book I know of will provide this information. Every aspect of this art that I can think of, is represented here in detail"
James Randi
"Mr. Rowland, has not only a thorough understanding of his subject, but his approach to the concepts he presents is extremely well organized and logical, which does not come about without having had the opportunity to combine long thought with experience."
Jamy Ian Swiss

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